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B2B Solutions

Lead Generation

Our process starts when your potential customers are still strangers. We start with blogs, social media and such, which catch the customers’ attention. They visit the website to learn more about the products and services. This is where we capture these potential leads and include them in our lead generation process. Hereafter, our sales experts take over and seal the deal for you, while you continue doing business stress free.


This ensures that we deliver the best quality leads for our prospects which eventually provide the best conversion rates. Our marketing and sales techniques are tried and trusted by more than 20 clients.

Back Office Support

Tailor-made back office support that are customized to meet the needs of government and private organizations.

Provides high quality and cost effective back office support services to businesses all over the world, helping them promote better business efficiency, optimise their operations and boost the bottom line.

Our range of back office solutions are standardised with high accuracy and our strength of skilled resources, an efficient system and idea delivery framework. We have worked with a number of global businesses and have helped them streamline their back office process; ensuring economical and efficient performance. Services include;

    1. Data Entry
    1. Data Mining
    1. Catalog Management
    1. Data Management
    1. Purchase Order Processing
    1. Transaction Processing
    1. Billing Services

Sales Qualified Leads

When you outsource your lead generation process, one of the major advantage that becomes visible early on is the performance of unqualified leads. With targets and incentives in place, the sales team goes after the SQLs.


We nurture these unqualified leads that are usually ignored by the sales team, mature them through continuous interactions and move them to the very edge of the sales funnel. These high quality leads convert faster, bringing down your average sales cycle.

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