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B2C Solutions


Our team identifies with your business and creates awareness and builds the reputation of your brand. Our B2C telemarketing team has the patience, endurance and resolution required to generate the right leads for your business which has the highest potential for conversion.


Once our call centre telemarketing services acquire a clear understanding of your company, product and services, we generate quality leads for your sales force. Our outbound call centre services and inbound call centre services have skilled and experienced professionals who confirm and verify every quality lead before they reach you.

Customer Support

While lead generation gets in new customers to enter the sales channel, it is customer support that helps to nurture those leads, close in on sales and retain the customers. Customer support helps solve a reader’s query while allowing you to know more about the customer’s needs.


We are in the forefront with our exceptional customer support and offer customer support outsourcing services and trouble ticketing for big and small companies. Our customer support executives are trained to handle all kinds of customer queries or complaints.

Email and Chat Support

We have a dedicated email and chat support team who is trained to respond to emails and chats promptly. Our targeted email marketing is personalised and informative. Our chat support agent and email support agent are efficient and skilled getting to the crux of the problem and keeping you stress free.


Email and chat support provide a unique blend of experience, professionalism, and attention to detail. When customers have a problem, they prefer talking to someone directly and instantly, looking for an immediate solution or at the least, immediate support and assurance.

Multilingual Support

We offer multilingual customer support for people not only speaking a different language but also belonging to a different culture and who might have different expectations for customer service. We provide continuous training to our agents to hone their skills to take your business to the highest level.


Competition is tough and to meet the challenges, it is an advantage to have multilingual customer support to grow the business. With businesses going international, it is necessary to be able to meet the demands of customer from different time zones, cultures and speaking different languages.

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