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Environmental Data Collection

Environmental Data Collection

The World Bank classifies Nigeria among 10 most vulnerable countries in the world according to 2017 Climate change Vulnerability Index. Environmental data collection is relevant for decision making on resource allocation for climate change adaptation. The Outsource Company offers a systematic data collection process through telephone surveys and call center services.

Environmental Data Collection should cut across all aspects of the nation’s socio-economic activities. Data collected by researchers, NGOs, Consultants and other various agencies can be verified Independently using telephone surveys. Mobile phone data collection methodology yields a larger sample size in a relatively short period of time. Generating a representative sample requires household level sampling with door-to door data collection which tends to be expensive. However, high mobile phone penetration rates in Nigeria are an alternative sampling and data collection method.

The Outsource Company offers Interactive Voice Response and scripting create uniformity in data Inquisition. As well as Random Digit Dialing, which can provide response rates that can be calculated according to the American Association of Public Opinion Research Guidelines.

 In August 2019, the 6 geo-political zones in Nigeria were covered for this survey. Survey Agents used English, Hausa, Igbo and Yoruba languages.

This data reveal a troubling trend of an increase in poverty levels due to natural disasters, proactive intervention will equip individuals and business to prepare for the worst.

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