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Advantages of BPO services

Advantages of BPO services

Business process outsourcing (BPO) involves outsourcing services or responsibilities to a third party service provider. BPO can be categorized into various forms; back office outsourcing where a company outsources internal business functions such as accounting, human resource, and front office. Offshore outsourcing is where a company contracts services outside the country. Companies are now business outsourcing services to companies that offer BPO solutions due to cheap labor and subsidized tax rates. For these reasons, this practice has become quite commonplace. BPO services have several advantages as will be outlined here.

Productivity and service improvement

advantages of BPO

A company can outsource people who are more skilled and able to perform tasks. Additionally, managers can focus on more important matters by employing BPO services. A company also gets the time to seek advancements in other areas as most of the work that could have held it down is handled by other people. Through concentrating on the core business areas, it can achieve improvements in those specific areas.

Reduction in cost

advantages of BPO

This is one of the main reason why companies chose to seek BPO services. By taking their business to outside countries, these companies can access cheap labor as workers in other nations, and especially in the third world countries are paid relatively less. Moreover, the taxes in these countries are not as high as in first world countries, and therefore the companies that outsource can increase their profits significantly. Cost reduction also comes about when companies u those technologies that bring administrative costs in addition to maintenances under control.

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Staffing levels

 Advantages of BPO
A company is able to reduce the workload of employees, allowing them to concentrate on other agendas that are of more importance to the company. Outsourcing BPO services also provide development opportunities for the employees as they have more time to enhance their capabilities since they are not occupied with tedious work. Therefore, employing BPO services benefits a company in different forms which work to the long-term benefit of the company as well as the employees.


 Advantages of BPO
BPO services allow services to be handled by experts who are well acquainted in that particular area. For example, technology companies can benefit significantly from IT outsourcing as they can get their programs worked on at lower prices and in better ways than the vendor company employees could have handled them. This also allows these companies to access outside technology as well as expertise.

Faster turnaround time

 Advantages of BPO
BPO companies are specialized in their specific fields and are therefore able to provide quality work in quick turnaround time and at lower rates. Usually, they use state-of-the-art technology which ensures that they are able to give excellent output.

Call center outsourcing

 Advantages of BPO
Call center agents team at office. Flat vector banner. Customer care operators guys and girls with smiling faces sitting at desks with computers. Online support service assistants with headphones.

Numerous companies offer call center outsourcing services around the globe. One of the most notable is Global Travel Assistant, a BPO call center that has helped numerous companies to access markets in China, Taiwan, and Japan by providing a multilingual communication platform with a network of multilingual human services. The company incorporates various types of call centers, including inbound calls and outbound calls to enhance its relationship with the customers.

In regard to inbound calls as a type of call center, Global Travel Assistant uses the following forms; video calling, customer service, help desk, telephone, direct response, hotline, and virtual receptionists. The company also incorporates the second type of call center which is outbound calls. Some common outbound calls are; lead generation, collection reminders, appointment setting, and market research. In addition to the types of call centers mentioned above, the company incorporates other platforms such as, a single and multiple parties which is a one on one session with up to 24 users simultaneously; digital whiteboard, and high call quality.

What makes Global Travel Assistant stand out from its competitors is its ability to employ a vast network of multilingual tutors, through their cloud call centers, who are well versed in English, Japanese Korean, and Chinese languages. It has applications that help to enhance communication; for example, Tripper application provides instant access to multilingual assistants. The TutorMandarin is also an application that connects Chinese language learners through video calling with a digital whiteboard interface. Their call centers are in operation round the clock to ensure that the customers can access the services at their convenience.

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