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Financial Institutions

We share the view that as a bank, the delivery of excellent customer care cannot be over emphasized, it is a critical factor in the success of any Organization in the 21st century. A service that is efficient, prompt and exceeds customers’ expectations will ensure a satisfied, happy and loyal client base which in turn attracts positive referrals.

Furthermore, we believe that the contact center is an integral component of an effective sales and acquisition strategy of financial institutions. In today’s competitive business environment, organizations are required to engage with all potential customers through inbound and outbound communication services using multiple channels.


TOC has discovered some challenges facing the activities of the banking system which are:

• Recovery of debt
• Congestion of banking halls
• Customer acquisition
• Sales of product

Solutions we Offer

We have taking a deep look at it and have come up with how our platform can be of service to you by rendering the following:

• Telemarketing
• Serve as a contact center
• Human resource outsourcing


Today, operating a successful hotel can be a challenge. Management and staff need to be in sync when it comes to daily operations, cost controls, and customer service. It is important to balance and control costs, while working to increase revenues to remain profitable.
Increasing the bottom line requires work and the success of your team’s efforts should be a measurable rise in occupancy rates, ADR and RevPAR. Your efforts need to target and attract single travelers, business travelers and increase group hotel bookings etc.


According to research there are certain impediments that hinders the success of running a hospitality business in Nigeria such as:

• Poor customer services
• Technology (data security theft etc)
• Competition
• Marketing trends and dynamics
• Hiring and retaining staff

Solutions we Offer

We have taking a deep look at it and have come up with how our platform can be of service to you by rendering the following:

• BPO Voice
• BPO non-Voice
• Telemarketing
• Market research
• Temporal Staff

Health Care Providers

The Healthcare industry in Nigeria is currently undergoing difficult times. Aside issues with the regulator, there is high level of dissatisfaction from major stakeholders in the industry; the Enrollee, the HMOs and the Clients. Most of this dissatisfaction is as a result of low service quality levels within the industry. Low service quality is most often due to poor communication occasioned by lack of professionalism in service delivery.
The Contact Center is the face of every organization and is often times responsible for most of stakeholder dissatisfaction.


TOC has discovered some challenges facing the activities of the banking system which are:

• Poor Customer Care
• Lack of training for Customer care Personnel
• Over time staffing (night duty staff)
• Customer retention and referral
• Product Launch

Customized voice and non-voice care services

We have taking a deep look at it and have come up with how our platform can be of service to you by rendering the following:

i. Customer Care (call already discharged patients to know how well they are recuperating). This we believe will help to deepen the relationship between the patients and the hospital and therefore will foster customer retention and growth through referrals.
ii. Appointment Scheduling and Reminder (inbound and outbound calls to book appointment, to remind and confirm patient appointments).
iii. Customer Acquisition (helping to grow customer base through telemarketing, SMS and Email marketing, and Social Media Marketing)

Real Estate

As an industry, the real estate is exceptionally vulnerable to market fluctuations. Consequently, it is very important for organizations operating within the industry to maintain a high level of productivity, while also enabling cost efficient solutions.


Outsourcing back office processes such as data management, call center, lead acquisition and market survey to TOC an experienced Business Process Outsourcing company, is a great way to unburden your organization of these tasks and liberate more time for your core capabilities.


With a customer centric philosophy, TOC has been able to deliver cost-effective outsourcing services which are specifically tailored for the real estate industry. Our solutions are aimed towards enhancing the process for our clients, in order to provide a competitive advantage for their organization.


TOC has discovered some challenges facing the activities of the banking system which are:

  • Customer Acquisition
  • Lead Generations
  • Customer Retention
  • After Sales Service
  • Expert Knowledge
  • BPO Voice

Serve as your Call Center (answering to inquiries, resolving complaints, connecting existing tenants to those that can fix minor damages such as plumbing, electrical etc.) Generate and Acquire Leads for you: As part of the launch of a project or a pre-sales approach, sales lead generation and acquisition can help businesses in identifying potential customers and qualifying them for the product or service.

TOC provides you with cost-effective sales lead generation outsourcing services as part of our end-to-end sales and customer acquisition package. Outsourcing lead generation to us can help you to boost your sales through reliable and qualified leads.

  • BPO Non-Voice

Manage your data: Efficient back office data management is the need of the hour for most businesses. Companies need to exert control over the daily volumes of data that aggregate in paper and electronic form. Without proper data management systems in place, organizations would end up having inaccurate and faulty data, missing data and misplaced data in their databases that can lead to colossal errors in critical business decision making.  Accurate processing and management of raw data on a regular and prompt basis ensures that companies can devote their valuable time on more mission-critical tasks.


The way people communicate is changing at a rapid rate. Where text and voice will continue to make, its presence felt in the telecommunications industry, Internet messaging and VoIP is slowly taking over. With so many messaging apps available today, the competition to stay afloat in the market is immense. With the advent of IoT, the decrease in voice revenue, and 5G in foray, the situation will further worsen for the companies in telecommunications industry.


For Telecom companies, it is important to concentrate not only on their core competencies but also handle

  • repetitive and mundane tasks of the organization.


To stay ahead of the competition, it is important for companies in the telecom sector to understand market trends and research for the new age technologies. Our team of research analysts can help you with all your R&A requirements within a quick time. Our services include:

  • Market Research
  • Business ResearchInvestment ResearchC
  • Competitive Business Analysis
  • Financial Research

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